Bishop Ranch Actually Improves Traffic - What?

According to Larwin Development Company's paid consultants at Penfield Smith, 1200-1500 new homes, plus 9 acres of commercial development will actually help alleviate traffic problems. They claim "internal capture" will encourage residents to shop in their on-site stores. The study went on to claim the estimated additional 12,000 daily trips will not significantly impact the Storke - Hollister intersection or Cathedral Oaks - Glenn Annie. Next meeting is 6:00 PM Nov. 29 at the DP cafeteria - come for a free dinner, if not the game of charades.


Anonymous said...

I was at the Thursday night meeting. It is so obvious they are not telling us the truth. Can anyone tell me why the Goleta City Council would even consider a zoning change?

Anonymous said...

We need housing. Increased supply will bring down prices

Anonymous said...

Bishop Ranch is a bad idea. It is not FOR the PEOPLE of Goleta - it's for the "LA Developer" - ughhh!